City and Guilds 5357 Electrotechnical Qualification (Installation) and EAL Level 3 Diploma and Electrotechnical Qualifications (post Sept 2023)

Extra extensive Teaching and Learning theory unit resources via Dropbox Download now available, custom written by Kev B and all now updated to BS7671:2018 Amendment 2:2022 where applicable. Word documents, Powerpoints, Exercises and Answer sheets (many with working-out shown), 33 Interactive calculators for the maths topics including a Cable sizing check calculator for the Design Unit (104) assignment, plus 64 videos covering all units and over 200 BS7671: Amendment 2 Regulations Questions and Answers (most with regs book references). All now available via PayPal. Click HERE to find out more.

These resources will also suit 5357-10 (Maintenance) Core and optional Theory Units only


C&G 5357/EAL level 3 courses - EVOLVE-type exercises below are to BS7671:2018 Amendment 2:2022 regulations (where applicable) and cover ALL theory units, to help assess the learning process. The free multichoice exercises below are for testing your knowledge and not primarily designed as teaching aids.


'FREE' EVOLVE (GOLA) revision exercises - updated to BS7671:2018 Amendment 2:2022 where applicable

Simply click on the exercise title to open it in a new window. Click the BACK button when the exercise is completed to take you back to this index page. These exercises load a random set of questions each time an exercise is loaded. Answers are rearranged each time too. Keep practicing with these exercises as they will load up differently each time. They are 'self-marking' and give you a score when ALL questions have been answered correctly.

5357 UNITS 101/001 and EAL NETK3-01 / EAL NELTK3/02 Understand Health, Safety and Environmental Considerations.

Health and safety at work

Hazards in the workplace


Safety signs in the workplace

European and International hazard signs

Reporting accidents and injuries (RIDDOR)

Control of hazardous substance use (COSHH)

Electricity at work (EaW)

Safe Isolation

Asbestos awareness

Accident and emergency procedures

Health and Safety SUMMARY TEST (30 questions in 45 mins)

Environmental Protection Act

Renewable energy and the environment

Power generation

Literacy Test - Renewables Terms

PV systems 2 - Sun, Energy and PV cells

PV systems 3 - PV modules, nomenclature, siting, voltage, current and power

PV systems 4 - types of system, operation, connections, tariffs and safety

PV systems 5 - connecting to the grid and PV testing

Environmental technology systems

Environmental protection measures

Environmental technology and regulations SUMMARY TEST (30 questions)


5357 UNITS 103/003 and EAL NETK3-08 / EAL NELEC3/08AElectrical Scientific Principles and Technologies.

Number systems - drag and drop task

Number systems - drag and drop TIMED task

Number systems - ANSWERS FULL LIST

Units of measure - drag and drop task

Formulas - drag and drop task

Formulas - drag and drop TIMED task

Full Formula List - ANSWERS

Science and Engineering notation symbols and unit names

Mechanical Science

Basic mechanical science - units and calculations 

Mechanical science - basic formulas and terms - drag and drop task

Mechanical science - pressure and stress

Mechanical science Pressure Stress units

Mechanical science - work done, energy and power

Atoms and Molecules

Ohms Law

Resistors in Series and Parallel circuits

Resistivity and Temperature Coefficients

Voltage and Current

Understanding function of electrical circuits

Connection of meters in circuits

AC/DC generation and Magnetism

AC circuit calculations

Single and Three-phase circuits

Electronic symbols - drag and drop task

Electronic symbols - drop-down TIMED task

Electronics - passive components 1

Electronics - Diodes 2

Electronics - Transistors 3



Lighting—Incandescent General lamps only

Lighting—Incandescent lamps

Lighting—Discharge lamps

Motor and Generator theory

Name the motor parts - drag and drop task

Name the motor parts - drag and drop TIMED task

Name the motor parts - ANSWERS

Single-phase motors

Three-phase wound rotor motors

Three phase induction motors and DC motors

Motor starters and speed control

3-Phase motors and DOL starting

Motor housings and enclosures

Heaters and Heating circuits

Maths and Science 1 MOCK EXAM (12 questions from a large bank)

Science and Maths 2 MOCK EXAM - TIMED ACTIVITY (20 questions from a large bank)

Science, Maths and Electrical principles 3 MOCK EXAM (25 questions from a large bank)

Science, Maths and Electrical principles 4 MOCK EXAM (30 questions from a large bank)

5357 UNITS 104/004 and EAL NETK3-04/ EAL NELEC3/04AUnderstand Design and Installation Practices and Procedures.

Electricity at work (EaW) 1989

Health and safety at work act 1974

Drawings, Diagrams and Documentation

Statutory and non-statutory regulations

Preparation for work

Safe Isolation

Worksite power requirements

Cable types and uses

FP200 cable systems

MI (mineral) cable systems

Cable Tray systems

Conduit fittings - drag and drop task

Trunking Systems

BS7671:2018 overview

BS7671:2018 Amendment 2:2022 overview

Emergency Lighting

Fire alarm systems

Ring and Radial circuits

Lighting circuits

Isolation and Switching

Potentially Explosive Atmospheres installations

Bathroom installations

Agricultural/Horticultural installations

Temporary (construction site) installations

Caravan/Caravan site installations

Leakage, Interference, IT and data comms systems

Electricity supply systems and voltages

Electricity supply systems 2, transmission, voltages, star/delta, transformer arrangement

Cable calculation terms (drag and drop)

Cable calculation terms (drop-down)

Cable calculation terms (ANSWERS)

Cable calculations and values

Conduit fittings (drag and drop)

Earthing conductors and protection

Earthing and Bonding, systems, connections, conductors, terms

Earthing conductors and protection, bonding, methods of fault and basic protection

Earthing and protection, disconnection times, devices, faults, fusing factors, terms and calcs

Protective device recognition (drag and drop)

Protective device recognition (ANSWERS)

Fault protection 1, devices, discrimination, faults

Unit 104 SUMMARY TEST 1 (20 questions) - general topic knowledge

Unit 004 SUMMARY TEST 2 (30 questions) - use O.S.G only Amendment 2:2022 (open book)


5357 UNITS 105/505 and EAL NETK3-03 / EAL NELEC3/04AUnderstand how to Plan (prep) and Oversee Electrical Work Activities .

Preparation for work

Planning, job roles, documentation and contracts

Roles and responsibilities on site (Drag and Drop)

Preparation and Planning

Safe Isolation

Drawings, Diagrams and Documentation

Good working relationships and your rights

Structure trade associations and contracts

Acts and regulations

Technical information sources (drag and drop)

Sources and types of information and methods of communication

Unit Mock Test 15 questions


5357 UNIT 107-and EAL NETK3-05 / EAL NELEC3/05 Understand and Carry Out Terminations and Connections of Conductors /Craft Skills (this is a practical assessment unit.

Cable types and uses

Safe electrical Isolation and electrical connections

FP200 cable systems

MI (mineral) cable systems

Cable Tray systems

Conduit fittings - drag and drop task

Trunking Systems



5357 UNITS 112/012 (312/212) and EAL NETK3-06A / EAL NELTK3/06 Understand Inspection, Testing and Commissioning.

Preparation and Planning

Cable selection, Earthing and protection

Isolation, switching and protection

Safe Isolation

Test Instrument recognition

Inspection and Testing (basic) (to BS7671:2018 Amendment 2:2022)

Inspection and Testing (advanced) (to BS7671:2018 Amendment 2:2022)

Initial Verification, Condition Reporting and Minor Works (to BS7671:2018 Amendment 2:2022)

Inspection and Testing 30Q SUMMARY TEST (to BS7671:2018 Amendment 2:2022) - closed book


5357 UNITS 114/014 and EAL NETK3-07 / EAL NELTK3/07 Understand Fault Diagnosis and Rectification.

Safe Isolation and electrical connections

Fault diagnosis and rectification (basic)

Fault diagnosis and rectification (advanced)


5357 REGS UNIT 022 and EAL NETK3-18ED2 / EAL N18ED3/02 Understand the Requirements for Electrical Installations BS7671:2018 2022)

This unit is based on effective use of BS7671 Regulations book and relates to other units covered on the 5357 course (unit 104/004 in particular). Ensure you are competent in your knowledge of the units shown above. The revision mock exams below relate to BS7671 Regulations book (Amendment 2) only (NOTE: the on-site guide is not allowed in the actual regulations unit exam).

BS7671:2018 Amendment 2:2022 overview

BS7671 REGS 12 Question (short) Mock TEST - open book (use BS7671:2018 AMENDMENT 2:2022)

(new) BS7671 REGS 30 Question (medium) Mock TEST (60 minutes timed) - open book (use BS7671:2018 AMENDMENT 2:2022)

(new) BS7671 REGS 60 Question (Full) Mock TEST (120 minutes timed) - open book (use BS7671:2018 AMENDMENT 2:2022)

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